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Cyril (Namibia) Curriculum Development, BBCS / Senior Trainer
Message : I have studied and worked in 9 countries and visited over 70. This makes me a natural for the Cross-Cultural aspects of BBCS. I have a double Masters in Finance and Corporate Law and have 10 years experience in corporate finance in such diverse industries as aeronautics, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and auto manufacturing. I have been in Japan for 6 years and in BBCS for 2. My motto is "Where there is a will, there is a way."

Arrive at the office

When I get to the office the first thing is to read and respond to my e-mails. I then prepare my slides from the training session I delivered last night for posting on the BBCS e-group site so students can review them this week.

Meeting with Sales Representative

One of our Sales Representatives is going to propose an on-site training program to one of our corporate clients. I sit down with him and plan out the optimum training program for that client to ensure we can secure the contract and satisfy the client’s needs. After finishing the meeting I go back to my desk and make a detailed agenda which we will use to present the program to the client next week.

Prepare Training Materials

I have a two-day Negotiation Skills on-site training in two weeks. I have taken our standard two-day negotiation training program and I am adding some customized elements that were requested by the client. The pre-tasks are to be delivered to the client by the end of business tomorrow so I must get this finished before my training session tonight.

Room Prep and Slide Review

I am teaching a session of our “Full Course” at HQ from 7:30 to 9:30 tonight so I must get the room ready. This is class open to the general public. I set up the projector, speakers, video camera and tables. Even though I have taught this many times before I always sit down for 30 minutes with the slides before the session and see how I can best utilize them to enable these students to achieve their learning needs.


During the session I have eight highly motivated individuals in front of me and I need to manage the learning environment and content to ensure they leave completely satisfied. I function as a trainer, facilitator, supervisor and devil’s advocate as well as operating all the multimedia technology that we use to complement our trainings. With so much happening, the two-hour session rushes by and I wrap up the class by confirming we achieved today’s objectives and make sure they know what areas they need to practice and what preparation is required for next week.