Berlitz Talent Growth

Customized Training Solutions
for Global Business

Berlitz Talent Growth (BTG) provides a suite of solutions for global readiness. Incorporating cultural and communication soft-skills, assessments, business English instruction, and TOEIC preparation, our specialist team prepares business people to participate effectively in a rapidly changing international environment.

Our Services

  • Global Business Communication assessment
  • One-to-one and group business English instruction
  • Intercultural assessment and training
  • Communication skills training and coaching
  • Leadership training and coaching
  • HR consulting

BTG Positions

The Berlitz Talent Growth (BTG) department of Berlitz Japan offers corporate clients and universities a variety of solutions. BTG trainers work in different teams. Trainers in BTG1&2 work with global leaders utilizing our renowned methodology to develop business communication skills, while trainers in BTG3 deliver bespoke corporate English training programs. Global Business Communication (GBC) assessment specialists evaluate client communication proficiency, and our First Language (L1) instructors provide techniques to help TOEIC test takers using Japanese as the language of instruction.

Assistant Language Teacher (ALT)

BTG1&2 – Custom Designed & Built Programs

BTG1&2 full-time trainers work with our corporate clients to improve their communication skills and prepare them for the challenges of international business environments. These trainers draw upon existing curricula, case-studies, and session plans to provide customized solutions matching the varying needs of each client. If you prefer a more structured training format, working with larger groups, and the possibility to create customized materials, this may be the right position for you.

English Language School (ELS)

BTG3 – Custom Delivered Programs

BTG3 part-time trainers provide personalized training solutions for a large number of global firms and Fortune 500 companies in Japan. The BTG3 team develops solutions in consultation with clients and delivers a combination of business communication and language skills training. If you have both business and training experience and enjoy the freedom to personalize and tailor lessons to meet the needs of clients, this position could be right for you.


Global Business Communication (GBC) Assessment Specialist

The Global Business Communication Assessment is used by companies to support the development of their employees by tracking and measuring their communication abilities. GBC assessment specialists do not deliver training but rather score the strengths and weaknesses of individuals in regard to language proficiency and interpersonal communication skills. This can highly impact an individual's career as the scores can be factored into hiring or status decisions within the company. If you are interested in becoming a specialist in the Language Assessment field, then this job might just be for you.

Assistant Language Teacher (ALT)

First Language Instructor Team (L1)

L1 offers dispatch services to corporate clientele and universities. The program provides an array of techniques and tactics to help TOEIC test takers overcome the obstacles and challenges they face while taking the TOEIC exam. With instruction given in Japanese, native-level Japanese proficiency is required. If you are interested in the L1 team and want to find out more about it, please contact:

Recruiting Process


BTG3 only accepts applications from applicants already residing in Japan. The time taken to complete the process varies depending on the circumstances of the individual.

  1. Online Application
  2. Questionnaire and Availability Form
  3. Private Interview and
    Demonstration Lesson
  4. Orientation
  5. Employment

Application to Employment

Applications are subject to an initial screening process.

Applicants passing the screening will be sent a detailed questionnaire and availability form to complete.

Select applicants will be invited to attend a private interview and perform a demonstration lesson.

Applicants successfully completing the interview process will be invited to attend a one-day unpaid orientation, following which an applicant becomes a Berlitz employee and commences work.



Open Positions

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  • PH Per Hour Payment
  • GC Guaranteed Contract
  • FT Full-Time Contract
  • IO Immediate Opening
  • SI Includes Social Insurance
  • JP Japanese Native or
    Native-Fluent Proficiency Required
  • Visa Visa Sponsorship
  • Skype Skype Interview