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Q1. Do you have any full-time positions?

PCS trainers are all hired on part-time contracts.

Q2.Where are the courses delivered?

The majority of the courses are delivered at the client’s site, though occasionally courses are held at HQ in Aoyama and in Berlitz language centers.

Q3.Is the cost for commuting to and from assignments reimbursed?

Yes, it is.

Q4. How long do courses usually run for on average?

While there are variances, many courses run for between 30 and 40 hours.

Q5.How long is one training session on average?

Recently sessions have most commonly run an hour and a half or two hours.

Q6.What textbooks do you use?

We do not have a set curriculum. After hearing the needs of the client, we make a plan for what materials would best meet the training goal. After that, we decide what materials will best match the clients’ needs. This could include textbooks, material provided from the client, or customized material that we have made ourself.

Q7.How far do I need to travel to get to assignments?

The vast majority of our courses are held within the 23 wards of Tokyo. The distance that you would need to travel varies depending upon your location in relation to the client’s location but it is not usual to travel more than one hour one way.

Q8.Will I be provided with a lesson plan?

You will be provided with the details and goals of the training course and the participants, as well as the material, but you will not be given a lesson plan. PCS trainers are entrusted to draw on their experience to use the materials in a way that meets the training goals.

Q9.Can I choose the clients and/or industries that I work at?

No. However, trainers have the ability to pick and choose which assignments they accept.

Q10.What is the difference between PCS trainers and Berlitz LC instructors?

While there could be an exception, in general the difference is that PCS trainers do not have a base language center, do not teach the Berlitz Method, do not use Berlitz textbooks, do not have a fixed set schedule, and the majority of assignments are conducted at the clients' site.

Q11.Do the trainers teach the same participants (students) for the duration of an assignment or are the trainers rotated?

Typically, PCS trainers will teach the same participants for the duration of a course.

Q12.What kind of training and support is offered to PCS trainers?

Trainers must go through an orientation and initial training session. Development workshops are offered periodically throughout the year for all trainers to attend.

Q13.What do I need to do in the demonstration lesson when applying?

Specifics of the demonstration lesson are provided once an interview date has been confirmed with the applicant.

Q14.How far will I need to travel for the classes I teach?

Generally speaking, you would not be expected to travel more than one hour station-to-station. That being said, trainers are hired on a part-time basis so they can turn down assignments that they feel are too far away.

Q15.How frequently are reports required? What is the format?

Reports are generally required only at the end of the course and are submitted via our online reporting system.

Q16. Are the working hours negotiable?

Yes. We allow for flexible working schedules.




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