Instructor Recruiting

Overseas Hiring

The application process described below is for applicants applying from outside of Japan. The time taken to complete the process varies depending on the circumstances of the individual. Applications from overseas may only be accepted for certain positions. Refer to individual job listings to find out if overseas applications will be considered.

  1. Online Application
  2. Detailed Questionnaire
  3. Online Interviewwith Human Resources
  4. Individual Interviewwith the supervisor of a Language Center via online or in person
  5. Instructor Qualification Program
  6. Employment

Application to Employment

All applications must be submitted through this site and are subject to an initial screening process.

Applicants passing the screening will be sent a detailed questionnaire and given the opportunity to tell us more about themselves.

Select candidates will be invited for an initial Skype interview with Human Resources.

If successful, a second interview with the supervisor of a Language Center will be offered. Although this interview can also be conducted online, there are occasions when Human Resources may suggest it be held in Japan. In such an event, applicants are responsible for their own transportation.

Applicants successfully completing the interview process will be offered a place on the Instructor Qualification Program. Applicants are responsible for their own transportation and accommodation in Japan during this program.

After qualifying as an instructor at the end of the program, an applicant becomes a Berlitz employee and commences work.