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Berlitz Clients

With an emphasis on professionalism and results-driven language instruction, Berlitz attracts highly motivated clients. While adult learners and business professionals account for nearly 75% of all current customers, our client base includes a wide range of customer needs and ages.

  • Majority of learners are adults

    Majority of learners
    are adults

  • Primary reason for learning is business use

    Primary reason for
    learning is business use

  • Young learners are a fast growing segment

    Young learners are a
    fast growing segment

  • Over 70% of customers choose private lessons

    Over 70% of
    customers choose
    private lessons

Training & Development

Starting with the Instructor Qualification Program and throughout an instructor's career with us, Berlitz regularly invests in its instructors offering them a wealth of training and professional development sessions. These sessions not only support our instructors to meet the high expectations of Berlitz clients, but also provide the opportunity for continued professional growth.

Instructor Qualification Program

The Instructor Qualification Program (IQP) is a comprehensive pre-employment training program offered free of charge to all potential instructors completing the interview process. The IQP equips instructors with the skills necessary to give Berlitz-quality lessons. Employment commences on successful completion of the IQP, and a stipend of ¥20,000 for incidental costs incurred during the program is paid with an instructors first regular salary payment.

Note: The number of days and order of modules may vary


The paid professional development sessions offered to our instructors range from short workshops to full-day courses and can total up to 100 hours of training.

Examples of Selected Sessions Offered

Teaching Large Group Out Services:
An essential course for teaching Out Service and university lessons
Higher-level Practice:
Introduces techniques to have a structured practice phase with higher-level students
Placement and Demonstration Lesson Workshops:
Equips instructors with the knowledge and skills to assess and deliver demo lessons
Activities For Kids and Teens Online - Screen Sharing with Zoom:
Introduces engaging activities using Zoom's screen sharing features
Kids and Teens Assessments Online:
Prepares instructors for assessing and delivering demo lessons in an Online environment


With many business professionals choosing to learn at Berlitz, it goes without saying that first impressions count. We expect our instructors to take pride in their appearance and wear appropriate business attire.

Language Center Locations

From Tokyo to Fukuoka, Berlitz operates in Japan’s busiest and most exciting metropolitan areas. All of the 50+ Language Centers have excellent transportation links and are located within walking distance of major train and subway stations.

1 Saitama Tokyo Chiba Kanagawa 2 Shizuoka Aichi 3 Hyogo Osaka Kyoto 4 Hiroshima 5 Fukuoka
  1. 1Kanto Area
  2. 2Tokai Area
  3. 3Kansai Area
  4. 4Chugoku Area
  5. 5Kyushu Area
  • There are currently three independent Berlitz franchise locations in Japan. For information about employment opportunities in these locations, please contact the Language Center using the links below.
  • Fukuyama : email
  • Hamamatsu : email
  • Okayama : web site

Customer Success Team Staff (CSTs)

Staff members called CSTs are on hand at all Language Centers to support Berlitz clients and assist them in their learning.


CSTs play an indispensable role in liaising between customers and instructors. From the very first encounter at a Language Center and ascertaining the learning goals of new students to reviewing the lesson progress of existing customers, CSTs obtain and convey important information to help instructors deliver the optimal learning experiences.

Out Service Lessons

In addition to Language Center-based lessons, instructors may also be required to deliver lessons off-site at our clients' premises.

Out Service Lessons

Out Service lessons are delivered to a variety of clientele including businesses, universities, high schools, junior high schools, elementary schools and kindergartens. These lessons differ in style to meet the customized needs of each client. instructors who consistently demonstrate high performance and an aptitude for delivering high quality lessons both on and off-site may be able to pursue a career in our Berlitz Talent Growth (BTG) department.

Career Opportunities

For motivated and talented instructors that take advantage of the professional development opportunities available at Berlitz, there are chances to progress within the company. Whether at the local level as a Mentor or Kids' Coordinator, or on the management track as a Manager of Instruction, there are numerous potential opportunities.

Career Ladder Diagram
Kids Coordinator

Kids' Coordinator

Young Learners is the fastest growing business segment at Berlitz. instructors showing a talent for teaching our Young Learners can pursue a path as a Kids' Coordinator. This is a vital role that involves providing instructor support and developing the Young Learners’ Program in Language Centers.

GLT Trainers

Manager of Instruction

As the instructional leader of their Language Centers, Managers of Instruction carry out a variety of tasks that include hiring new staff, monitoring instructor performance and providing training and support. They are also responsible for liaising with other management members to enhance the Language Center's performance.


Mentors work closely with instructors to increase lesson quality and improve customer focus. Their important role involves providing direction and support to help instructors maximize their potential. The Mentor position is the ideal first step for those interested in building a long-term career at Berlitz.

Berlitz Talent Growth (BTG) Positions

For experienced instructors with an interest in business, a number of specialist positions are available in the Berlitz Talent Growth department. Members of the department play an integral part in assisting corporate clients to communicate effectively on a global stage.

Other Management Positions

From time-to-time other management positions become available. Whether in Training and Development, Product Development & Customization, or Marketing these positions offer employees the opportunity to contribute to the growth and success of Berlitz Japan.

Meet Our Employees

Patrick Anna Ricardo
Assistant Manager: Quality and Training,
Kids & Teens Department
Assistant Manager: Training and Development,
Quality Assurance Department
Area Manager of Instruction
Nihonbashi Area
Shibuya Area
Shinjuku Area
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