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Contract Details

Per Lesson Contract


  • ¥2,040 Per Lesson Starting Rate
  • ¥17,000 Commutation Allowance
  • Holidays & Christmas Day Off
  • Paid Vacation after 6 Months
  • Health Support Benefit


Unit-by-unit Income

The Per Lesson contract does not come with a guaranteed contract salary as with the other contract types. How much you earn varies from month to month depending on the amount you work. Instructors give Berlitz a regular schedule of availability and enjoy earning on a unit-by-unit basis.

Payments are made on the 28th of each month based on a salary cycle that runs from the 18th of one month to the 17th of the next.

Units per Week/No. of Hours

There are no fixed hours with this contract. Instructors and Berlitz agree to a fixed availability and Berlitz schedules lessons when they become available. This is an excellent way to fully utilize your spare time or earn income while a student.

Per Lesson Rate

Berlitz Japan offers an attractive Per Lesson rate of ¥2,040 per 45-minute lesson with possible rate increases.


Work 120 units per month and qualify for a generous ¥17,000 commutation allowance.


In addition to a commutation allowance, Berlitz Japan may also offer to pay certain additional transportation costs.

Holidays & Paid Leave

Holidays & Christmas Day Off

Depending on the number of units you work in a pay period you may become eligible to receive an allowance for Company or Japanese holidays that fall within that period.

Paid Vacation

Even Per Lesson teachers enjoy earning paid vacation after completing six months. The number of days earned is calculated based on the number of days worked and the average number of lessons taught per day. What's more, the amount of paid vacation you receive increases the longer you stay with Berlitz Japan.

Paid Absence

Benefit from the following possible paid absence days after as little as one year of service.

  • Special Paid Absence
    (Congratulatory & Condolence Leave)
  • Paid Sick Days

Additional Benefits

Social Apartments

Social Apartment offers private apartments located in buildings with luxurious communal lounges ideal for socializing. Berlitz employees benefit from not having to pay key money on many of these apartments.



SAKURA HOUSE rents 1,200 apartments, share houses and dormitory rooms in 130 locations across the Tokyo area. Berlitz employees enjoy a ¥10,000 discount on the initial deposit.


Health Support Benefit

Qualify and take advantage of this supplementary medical benefit program with 120 units worked or 160 units available per month.

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